Saints of Lust Food Bank Fundraiser

What a good time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, especially in light of all that has happened this year.  Saints of Lust is hosting a virtual food drive and looking for your assistance in providing much needed funds to the Food Bank for the Heartland to help with the purchase of perishable items for those in need.  

If you’ve been grocery shopping during the pandemic, you’ve likely noticed it’s harder to find staple foods, toiletries, and baby formula. Supply shortages are frustrating for everyone, but for those already facing food insecurity even without a global pandemic, the situation is more dire. 

The Food Bank will use the funds to purchase food items that are most needed, including fruits, vegetables, and perishable items such as meat and dairy products.

For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can provide three meals and with their purchasing power and network of wholesale, retail and agricultural donors, they are able to do much more with a monetary donation.   Proceeds make a difference in the lives of hungry children, families and seniors in the community.

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Saints of Lust Food Bank Fundraiser
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